Prestige Dentistry Uses New GALILEOS® 3D X-Ray for Better Patient Diagnosis, Implant Placement and Treatment

 GALILEOS® 3D X-Ray is a high end dental technology that allows a higher degree of accuracy for dental implants.
Prestige Dentistry strives to be at the forefront of leading-edge dental technology. We are proud to announce the installation of our new GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging system. The GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging system provides our patients with more accurate diagnostics, expanding their treatment options. It also prepares patients for a wide range of dental procedures.

The GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging system gives your dentist a more detailed view of your teeth. We can also study the rest of your bone structure that comprises your dental anatomy. Once you use the GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging system, you will notice a difference compared to traditional x-rays. These 3D scanners are more comfortable, less invasive, and provide a more relaxed and enjoyable treatment experience than traditional x-rays.

With these 3D images, your dentists at Prestige Dentistry have more accurate, precise, and clear information regarding your dental work. The GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging system feeds us all of the following information we may need to ensure that your smile is healthy and beautiful:

  • Accurate placement of dental implants
  • Extraction planning for impacted teeth
  • Diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Evaluation of the jaw, sinuses, nerve canals, and nasal cavity
  • Determining bone structure and tooth orientation

Sample image from a GALILEOS® 3D X-Ray showing a patient's face and jaw.
When you undergo a 3D scan, you simply stand (or sometimes sit) in the middle of the machine. In just under 14 seconds, your dentist receives a 3D panoramic scan of your entire head, neck, and jaw. The best part is that it is completely painless.

Other benefits of this device include:

  • A low-dose of radiation, which proves to be less than a full mouth series of intraoral film
  • A quick comprehensive scan of the complete oral-maxillofacial (mouth, jaws, and face) area
  • Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in just one visit
  • Better accuracy during surgery
  • Easy sharing of images and diagnostic information with referring doctors

The GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging system gives your dentist an enhanced visualization of your teeth, bones, and surrounding hard and soft tissue. This allows your dentist to better understand your diagnosis and specifically tailor your treatment plan to you.

Download our informative brochure on the GALILEOS® 3D X-Ray by clicking here!