Benefits of ClearCorrect

Clear Braces For Adults In Palm Harbor

clear braces with a Trinity dentist in Palm Harbor FLPatients are jumping at the opportunity to finally get the straight teeth they always wished they had without the trauma and hassle of traditional braces. ClearCorrect clear braces for adults can help you create your dream smile while most people do not even notice you are wearing braces!

Prestige Dentistry has helped MANY patients throughout the Palm Harbor and Trinity area get straight teeth through the use of the remarkable ClearCorrect clear braces for adults treatment.

Get Straight Teeth With Clear Braces

Straight teeth are highly valued in today’s world. Traditional metal braces may have deterred you from creating a beautiful smile with straight teeth in the past, but ClearCorrect clear braces for adults solves many of the issues that may have prevented you from receiving orthodontic treatment.

ClearCorrect braces are:
COMFORTABLE | Many with traditional metal braces routinely suffer mouth sores and even injuries from the brackets used in metal braces. ClearCorrect clear braces for adults are designed for YOU and molded to fit snugly, without pain, over the surface of your teeth.

FREEING | You won’t have to worry about the difficulties of having a limited diet and eating with discomfort. With ClearCorrect you can enjoy the food you love because the clear braces are removed before eating. This gives you maximum levels of flexibility and ease that is not found with traditional metal braces.

HEALTHIER | get straight teeth using braces for adults with a Palm Harbor dentist New Port RicheyClearCorrect is beneficial to oral hygiene. Traditional braces make it very difficult to maintain proper levels of oral hygiene because they are difficult to brush, and flossing can feel like an impossible chore. Unfortunately, this opens the door to tooth discoloration and decay. However, removed prior to brushing and flossing, ClearCorrect allows you to maintain optimal levels of oral hygiene

Experience the Clear Choice for Orthodontic Treatment!

At Prestige Dentistry in Palm Harbor and Trinity, we invest in the technology that will improve your smile the most while allowing you maximum ease and comfort. Our concern for our patients makes them feel relaxed and confident when coming to see us.

Feel free to email or call us today to make an appointment, so you can learn more ways in which ClearCorrect braces for adults can benefit you — including getting those straight teeth you want! We happily serve patients all over the Palm Harbor area, including New Port Richey!