TMD and TMJ Treatment

Find Relief For TMD Headaches Near Palm Harbor, Trinity, And New Port Richey

7For those who have suffered the painful symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders, also known as TMD), finding relief from the chronic headaches, ear and neck pains, clicking or popping jaw, and facial pain becomes a daily challenge.

Many factors can put stress on the temporomandibular joint including misaligned teeth, uneven bite, and bruxism (grinding).

Prestige Dentistry in Trinity and Palm Harbor, Florida believes in taking the most conservative approach possible to TMJ treatment. Drs. Pielak, Reddy and Horwitz have advanced training in the treatment of TMJ. They believe that TMJ treatment seldom requires surgical intervention.

Taking The First Step To TMJ Treatment

The first step is a careful examination of the joints and bite before any TMJ treatment is selected. It may be possible to help relieve the symptoms and pain even before correcting the underlying problem.

Those patients with an improper bite may be helped with orthodontics, restorative dentistry, or mouth guards or splints to reduce the stress on the jaw.

When the jaw doesn’t close properly, it may be necessary to reshape the teeth’s biting surfaces so the jaws close properly.

For many patients, relief is immediate.

Temporary pain relief may be found in hot and cold packs; by limiting the movement of the jaw; and with dental treatment, physical therapy, or massage. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like ibuprofen), muscle relaxants, and anti-anxiety medications may also contribute to relief of symptoms associated with TMJ disorders.

Permanent Solutions For TMD

However, treating the symptoms of TMD only is not a permanent solution. The need for medication may be reduced greatly by receiving treatment from the TMJ specialists at Prestige Dentistry.

Surgery and orthodontics are usually reserved for structural problems.

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If you are experiencing headaches, jaw popping or clicking, neck or ear pain, or facial pain, it could be related to TMJ. Contact our Palm Harbor or Trinity office today by calling the phone number above or filling out the form on this page.

The TMJ professionals at Prestige Dentistry near New Port Richey can help relieve the immediate discomfort of headaches and work with you on a customized TMJ treatment plan for a more permanent solution.