Benefits of Teeth Implants

The Dental Implant Advantage in Trinity

benefits of teeth implants with a Trinity dentist Clearwater FLAlthough your teeth were designed to last your whole life, sometimes accidents or dental issues happen. It is important to replace missing teeth for the general health of your mouth and for your other teeth. Your chewing ability is compromised when you have missing teeth. This can lead to poor hygiene that can cause other dental issues and other teeth to be lost. Prestige Dentistry in Trinity and Palm Harbor is proud to offer teeth implants, the solution to missing teeth.

Some of the major benefits of a dental implant are:

  • Cosmetic Appearance | Missing teeth can affect one’s self esteem. The natural looking results of a dental implant give you the self confidence you need to smile again.
  • Secure, Natural-Feeling Teeth | When you have an implant that fuses with the jawbone you then have the feeling of security when using your mouth.
  • Ability to Eat the Foods You Love | Often when you are missing one or more teeth, you must give up the foods that you enjoy. When you have the security of a dental implant you will have the ability to chew normally and will be able to enjoy the same foods you loved before your tooth loss.
  • permanent dentures and false teeth in Palm Harbor and TrinityKeeps Jaw Strong and Healthy | Missing teeth can cause your jawbone to weaken and can create issues with your facial structure as well. Placing a dental implant produces an artificial root that bonds with the jawbone and strengthens the mouth.
  • Protects the Overall Health of your Mouth | It is difficult to keep your mouth clean when you have gaps in your teeth. These gaps can cause food to get caught in your teeth and lead to tooth decay. Having a dental implant creates a barrier to food being stuck and makes daily hygiene easier.

Dental implants restore your ability to eat the foods you love and can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. They are natural looking and create a strong supportive structure in your jaw that gives you extra confidence in your smile.

Experience the Life Changing Benefits of Implant Dentistry!

Living with the hassle of false teeth can be a thing of the past when you have permanent dentures. You can have the benefits of the stability, security, and comfort of teeth implants improving your oral health no matter the situation. Prestige Dentistry would love to discuss all of the benefits of dental implants and how they can improve your lifestyle. Make an appointment today if you are in the Palm Harbor – Trinity area, including New Port Richey!

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