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Dr. David Pielak, Dr. Douglas Beil, and Dr. Jason Horwitz are your dentists for the East Lake area of Florida! They are committed to providing exceptional and professional dental care to their patients. They strive to help their patients achieve a healthy, natural-looking smile. Our dentists have a passion for helping those they work with feel good again about their smiles.

Prestige Dentistry serves as a dentist to East Lake, FL patients.
At Prestige Dentistry, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure that our patients have a safe and successful dentist visit. We believe that preventative care is just as important as treating already existing dental issues. We have many new and innovative tools that can painlessly screen for the potential of oral lesions, including the revolutionary VELscope. VELscope uses different spectrums of light to draw attention to any developing oral cavity issues, so that our dentists can address the problem before it arises.

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East Lake Dentistry Services

Our dentists want to make sure your teeth, gums, and mouth are all at their optimal health. We offer screenings that can check for irregularities, diseases, or any other potential health issues that can affect these areas. Having a healthy smile is conducive to your overall health. Studies suggest that protecting your mouth can be the first line of defense against other health issues, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. At Prestige Dentistry, Dr. David Pielak, Dr. Douglas Beil, and Dr. Jason Horwitz will work hard to ensure you have a healthy smile.

With the latest dental treatments and technology, our dentists can help you achieve a strong, functional, and attractive smile. They will also help you maintain your smile by sharing the most-effective methods for cleaning and brushing your teeth. Finally, you can feel good again about your smile.

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