Hate Your CPAP?

East Lake, FL patient who can't sleep with CPAP noise was thrilled to get sleep apnea treatment in Palm Harbor.Does your CPAP machine bother you at night or make it difficult to sleep? If you can’t sleep with CPAP, Prestige Dentistry has another option for you. Using a flexible, custom-made oral appliance can help you sleep without discomfort or complications.

Not only can CPAP noise keep you up at night, but other issues can occur, such as:

  • Dry mouth.
  • Irritation of skin and membranes.
  • Congestion and nosebleeds.
  • Minor changes in facial structure.
  • Bloating in the stomach and other digestive issues like heartburn and excessive gas.
  • Inconvenience, especially when traveling.

If you find yourself lying awake at night with CPAP problems of your own, we can help!

Older man experiencing CPAP problems in Trinity.Sleep Better With An Oral Appliance

Our dentist can give you a detailed diagnosis of the reason for your sleep apnea. Many of our patients benefit from our oral appliances, which are flexible and designed specifically to fit your mouth for ultimate comfort. The device fits right inside your mouth — no wires, hoses, or masks attached.

With a CPAP, you can’t do much once you put the mask on at night. You and your partner may feel isolated, too. With a dental mouthpiece, we can help you breathe better while returning to a less encumbered lifestyle.

Our mouthpieces are similar to sports guards, and are designed to keep your airways open through the night. The snug fit keeps the guard from shifting or sliding, and you won’t need to plug anything in or endure any unnecessary noise.

Keep Your Facial Structure Intact

Did you know that a CPAP can also change your facial structure? We understand the importance of looking your best, which is why we offer an oral appliance alternative. Instead of trying to fit your face into a mask, we fit the appliance to you for a more comfortable, pleasant sleeping experience.

Make CPAP Problems a Thing of the Past – Call Us in Palm Harbor or Trinity Today!

If you are ready to trade your CPAP problems for the convenience of an oral appliance you can take anywhere, contact us today! We can help you get a good night’s sleep again, so you can have the energy you need.