Looking For A Great Dentist in Palm Harbor?

Looking For A Dentist In Palm Harbor

Finding an extraordinary dentist in Palm Harbor is typically achieved with a personal recommendation. The most common way for people to find a dentist is to ask a friend or neighbor ‘Who is your dentist?’ The answer is usually followed up with an explanation about whether or not your friend likes their dentist, and whether […]

Quirky Dental Facts That May Surprise You

Quirky Dental Facts

In today’s Prestige Dentistry post, we are going to share some quirky dental facts that may surprise you. If you’re interested in general or cosmetic dentistry in Palm Harbor, call us today at (727) 789-1980 and we’ll answer any question you have. Quirky Dental Facts Many dental patients are aware that before there was formal dental […]

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Baby

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Palm Harbor dental exam during pregnancy

Today’s post is for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Carrying a precious child can not only consume your time, but your attention as well. However, don’t forget your needs and your stamina during these vital months. It’s important to understand that the multitude of changes your body experiences during pregnancy also […]

Focusing On The Top 3 At Prestige Dentistry In Palm Harbor

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porcelain veneers price Trinity

Welcome to the Prestige Dentistry blog. In our practice, we focus on three important factors as we work to be your dental provider of choice. Family: We want to be the dental practice families turn to for reliable care, whether for routine preventative services, tooth restoration, or cosmetic dentistry. If your son chips a tooth […]

Test Your Cosmetic Dentistry IQ

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Porcelain veneers Trinity

Are you up on the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by your dentist? Take the Prestige Dentistry blog quiz and find out! 1. This popular treatment uses a dental composite that resembles enamel. This composite is applied to the surface of the teeth, sculpted, and then hardened and polished. A. Veneers B. Flossing C. Defanging […]

Let Your Kids Fight The Evil Cavity-Causing Sorceress

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Use your child’s smartphone or tablet as a tool to help them establish effective dental hygiene habits. In 2014, a coalition of organizations dedicated to public health introduced a mobile app called Toothsavers to make brushing and flossing fun for children. In the exciting Toothsavers game (for ages 3 – 6), players try to save […]