What Can A General Dentist in Palm Harbor Do For You?

general dentist in palm harbor

Hello, and welcome to the Prestige Dentistry blog. Our general dentist in Palm Harbor works hard to keep the teeth and gums of each of our patients healthy as they grow older. Ask any of our patients and you’ll hear that we’re committed to individualized dental care. Take a Closer Look Inside Teeth may seem […]

Help! My Crown Came Off!

repair broken dental crown Palm Harbor

You are chewing an apple and hear a strange sound, then something in your mouth feels wrong. One of your crowns has popped free. Chances are, the crown (which cost you hundreds of dollars) can be re-cemented. What do you do when your dental crown comes off? It’s essential that you take the following steps: […]

Sinus Pain Or Abscessed Tooth?

Sinus Pain Or Abscessed Tooth?

Your maxillary sinuses are very close upstairs neighbors of your top teeth. In some areas, only a sliver of tissue separates the upper tooth roots from the bottom of the sinus cavity. It’s no wonder that when there is pain in that general area, the specific location can be hard to discover. Allergies, infections, and […]