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How Much Do Dental Implants in Palm Harbor Cost?

Looking into how much dental implants cost and getting a simple answer can be frustrating. But there is a reason for that. At Prestige Dentistry, we know that it can be confusing to research the cost of getting a dental implant

Posted in Affordable Dentistry, Dental Implants, Dentures, Restorative Dentistry

Schedule Your Coronation with Dental Crowns in Palm Harbor

We treat all of our patients like royalty here at Prestige Dentistry, but some of them receive actual crowns. We’re not talking about crowns a king or queen wears, but dental crowns in Palm Harbor! If you live near Palm

Posted in Affordable Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Crowns, Restorative Dentistry

What’s New for Advanced Dentistry in Palm Harbor?

The world of dentistry continues to advance at a rapid pace. If you have visited your Palm Harbor dentist lately, you have probably noticed some things that make your visit more comfortable, such as the ability to watch TV or

Posted in About Dentistry, Affordable Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Laser Dentistry

Can Cosmetic Dentistry in Palm Harbor Create Perfect Smiles?

At Prestige Dentistry, we’ve been helping the community achieve perfect smiles since 1986. One of our favorite things about dentistry is seeing how our patients find renewed confidence in themselves after a smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry in Palm Harbor.

Posted in Affordable Dentistry, Beautiful Smile, Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking For A Great Dentist in Palm Harbor?

Finding an extraordinary dentist in Palm Harbor is typically achieved with a personal recommendation. The most common way for people to find a dentist is to ask a friend or neighbor ‘Who is your dentist?’ The answer is usually followed

Posted in About Dentistry, Affordable Dentistry, Family Dentistry, General Dentistry

A Guide To Preventing Gum Disease in Palm Harbor

Hearing that you have periodontal disease or gum disease in Palm Harbor can be very upsetting. Here at Prestige Dentistry, we are committed to educating and assisting patients in preventing gum disease in Palm Harbor. If you discover that you

Posted in Affordable Dentistry, Dental Health, General Dentistry, Gum Disease

Offering Affordable Dentistry in Palm Harbor

A healthy smile is priceless and superior dental care is a worthwhile investment in your quality of life. But the cost of treatment and precision restorations can sometimes be prohibitive. Knowing what to expect price-wise can make your dental visit

Posted in About Dentistry, Affordable Dentistry, General Dentistry
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