Not Happy With Your Dentist?

Trinity Cosmetic Dentisty Hello! Whether you stumbled upon this blog by mistake or clicked here on purpose, welcome!

In the Prestige Dentistry dental blog, we post informative articles about dentistry. This includes general dentistry, cosmetic dental treatments, preventative dental care, and news about our dental practice. Many of my patients visit my blog regularly and I hope you will also find useful dental information here.

If you need a dentist or are not happy with your current dentist, I invite you to visit my Trinity office, meet my dedicated staff, and consider your dental needs. We are passionate about exceeding our patients’ expectations.

Before we can provide dental treatment, however, Dr. Horwitz must become familiar with each patient. That is why your first consultation will take some time. We can’t get to know each other in five minutes.

How are you doing? What is the current condition of your teeth and gums? What are your questions and expectations about dental treatment? Do you have financial concerns about the cost of treatment?

I recognize that each one of my patients has a unique set of circumstances.

At Prestige Dentistry, we emphasize preventative dental care. When restorative dental treatment is necessary, we advise the most conservative service.

If you have pressing dental needs, let’s discuss your options and consider the long-term consequences of each treatment. We are committed to your well-being and want you to receive the best possible care.

Please call us at 727-376-3763 to schedule a consultation. We are confident that you will feel good about choosing Prestige Dentistry for your dental care.




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