Your Dentist Does a Lot More Than Fill Cavities

Bad Breath Treatment St. Petersburg

Most people know that they can go to their dentist for toothaches, cleanings, and bleeding gums (not to mention cosmetic dentistry procedures such as a smile makeover), but there are some lesser-known oral concerns that your dentist can help you with. Dry mouth treatment Dry mouth, technically called xerostomia, is caused by a lack of […]

Sealing Up Your Smile

Having a healthy and beautiful smile is essential in boosting your confidence and enhancing your overall appearance. If you have discoloration, chipped, or cracked teeth, you might feel self-conscious and may not be as confident in flashing your pearly whites. This is where Prestige Dentistry comes in to help you achieve the perfect smile. Our […]

Think Before You Pierce

The Dangers of Oral Piercing

If you are considering piercing your lip or tongue, this post from Prestige Dentistry in Palm Harbor and Trinity FL is for you. Please consider the following potential side effects: Infection Your mouth is full of bacteria. Any opening in the tissue carries the risk of infection. The germs from your tongue and mouth can […]

Mouthwash Facts In Trinity

Mouthwash Facts In Trinity

Mouthwash Facts in Trinity In this post from Prestige Dentistry in Palm Harbor and Trinity FL, we’re going to discuss mouthwash. Many people use mouthwash to freshen their breath and help prevent tooth decay. While some mouthwash has cavity-fighting additives, it should never be considered a substitute for brushing your teeth. Good dental health is […]