Retaining Brightness After Teeth Whitening Treatment

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If you decide to enhance your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment, you want the results to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, the same things that stained your teeth before the treatment can stain them after the treatment. Over time, common staining will occur. To help slow down that process, Prestige Dentistry offers […]

The Best Resolution Is To Smile More!

This New Year’s Eve, folks all over the world will be watching the ball and waiting for it to drop. They will be jotting down resolutions left and right, ranging from the achievable to the borderline impossible. As everyone around you is dusting off old workout equipment and renewing gym memberships, Prestige Dentistry in Palm […]

Tooth Whitening: What The ADA Has To Say

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When a procedure such as teeth whitening gets popular, it’s only natural to wonder what the fuss is all about. But at Prestige Dentistry in Palm Harbor and Trinity FL we think it’s also proper to know what the American Dental Association has to say. The ADA recommends that patients speak with a dentist before […]

Quality Dental Care: A Responsible Investment

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Restorative and cosmetic dentistry options at Prestige Dentistry in Palm Harbor and Trinity FL might seem like a frivolous and ultimately unnecessary expense. After all, aren’t routine dental checks and the occasional drill-and-fill enough to maintain a smile? In the best of cases, this can be true. However, for a large number of patients, cosmetic […]

Why Sports Drinks Put Teeth At Risk

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This post from Prestige Dentistry in Palm Harbor and Trinity FL looks at the risks posed by those ubiquitous sports drinks. Many health-conscious people drink them regularly for hydration during workouts. While it’s true that they help maintain electrolyte levels in the body -and pose fewer health risks than energy drinks- their acidity can erode […]