Are You Afraid of Seeing a Dentist in Palm Harbor?

dentist in palm harbor

If you find yourself afraid of the dentist, take comfort in the fact that it is a fairly common condition. Know that you are not alone and that the medical community understands your dilemma.

Avoiding the dentist can put you at risk of getting into a vicious cycle of declining oral health. It’s understandable to be afraid of the dentist, but remember that fear can cause people to steer clear of dental checkups for years. When a minor dental issue, like a miniature cavity proceeds until it contacts a nerve and causes pain, the patient is then forced to take themselves to see a dentist in Palm Harbor.

At this point, the required therapy is an involved procedure, possibly an extraction followed by a dental implant. Even though the patient is comfortable during the procedure, this process can reinforce a patient’s fear of the dentist and, once again, the patient stays away from the dentist’s office. That’s how some men and women end up losing teeth at a relatively young age.

There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Experts believe that nearly one in four people are afraid of the dentist. Are you one of them? At Prestige Dentistry, we want to help anxious patients successfully overcome or at least manage their fear so they can tolerate twice-yearly checkups and cleanings. Visiting your dentist in Palm Harbor for preventive and general dentistry is the only method to protect teeth and gums.

If you haven’t had a dental evaluation in a while, please schedule a consultation. You can talk to your dentist in Palm Harbor about any options available, including sedation dentistry. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, there is hope for you. At Prestige Dentistry, we have successfully treated many patients just like you. We invite you to schedule a consultation today.

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