Five Reasons To Schedule A Checkup: Perfect Smiles in Palm Harbor

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You’ve heard it more than once, we’ll wager: see the dentists twice a year for cleanings and a checkup. At Prestige Dentistry in Palm Harbor, we want all of our patients to have healthy, perfect smiles.

There must be dozens of very good reasons why you should see us every six months. Here are five of the best:

1. Protect Your Gums

It’s not only acute cavities that can damage a tooth until it is beyond saving. Gum disease that leads to bone loss is just as harmful. Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque that creates pockets of infection between the gums and tooth roots. This leads to periodontitis, gum recession, and eventual bone loss. A professional cleaning removes the plaque that causes gum disease.

2. Prevent Cavities

Even if you brush and floss your teeth morning and night, plaque can accumulate. We have many patients who are vigilant brushers but are surprised when our hygienist uncovers plaque on their teeth.

3. Check for Oral Cancer

The Oral Cancer Foundation relates this grave news: oral cancer claims one life approximately every hour—that’s 48,250 deaths a year.1

4. Oral Health and Overall Health Go Hand in Hand

Your oral health has a direct relationship to your overall health. Some people get regular wellness checks, but overlook their teeth. Did you know that there is compelling evidence to suggest that the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes increases with poor oral health?

5. Bone Problems

Part of regular dental checkups is having your teeth and jaw x-rayed. X-rays let dentists to see what’s happening beneath the soft tissues of the mouth. X-rays can reveal impacted teeth or bone decay, among other issues.

Your regular visits to Prestige Dentistry in Palm Harbor might also include checking your head and neck. But that’s a sixth good reason. Well, we said there must be dozens. A seventh is maintaining your perfect smile. We provide general and cosmetic dentistry, gum disease treatment, and many other services. Schedule an appointment today.


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