Palm Harbor Residents Visit the Dentist

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Palm Harbor Residents Visit the Dentist Whether you have lived in Palm Harbor for a long time, or just moving into the area; taking care of your teeth eventually involves a visit to the dentist. We are Prestige Dentistry located at 4140 Woodlands Pkwy in Palm Harbor, Florida, and our specialty is cosmetic dentistry.

You can reach Prestige Dentistry, Cosmetic & General Dentistry by calling 727-789-1980.

Going to the dentist for the first time, or if you have not been for while, can be an unsettling experience for both kids and adults in Palm Harbor. The very idea of a ‘dentist’ seems to hold negative connotation for many people. If you are an adult who is moving to the Palm Harbor area, or preparing to visit the dentist for the first time, here are a few tips that may help ease you into regular dental checkups and put you on the path toward increased oral health and wellness.

Choose a Palm Harbor dentist who is appropriate for your needs. Need a sedation or dental implant dentist? We offer both as well as many other dental options. When you meet your new Palm Harbor dentist for the first time, make an effort to ask questions about the care you will receive. Ask questions that are relevant to your situation including questions about experience, age range of patients, and recommended procedures for any conditions you may have. Get to know your Palm Harbor dentist so you feel comfortable with the care you will receive.

Introduce yourself to your Palm Harbor dentist and get to know the office staff. Visiting the dentist will seem less of a chore when you feel you have trusted friends who are there to help.

Be prepared to provide your dentist in Palm Harbor with information. Whether you are experiencing specific pain at that moment, or anticipating a problem, be sure to discuss everything with your dentist. Many patients become intimidated in the office environment and avoid expressing pain or discussing issues. As your dentist, I need to know everything you are experiencing and will be better prepared to help as you ask questions and express your concerns.

I understand that everyone is unique; what works for one person may not work for another. You know what works best for you, and the best way to have a good experience with a Palm Harbor dentist is to communicate. Let me know what you are experiencing so that I can make adjustments and help you feel more comfortable and secure.

At Prestige Dentistry, our friendly staff will work to make your dental experience a pleasant one. We know it can be frightening to visit the dentist for the first time, or after a long while. We’ll do what we can to make you feel comfortable, secure, and among caring friends.

If you are in Palm Harbor and are ready to visit the dentist again, give us a call at 727-789-1980, or stop by to see us; we’re excited to meet you.

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